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Prolay In The Cloud.

A BLOG ABOUT SALESFORCE.COM CRM & BEYOND, Salesforce Architecture, Salesforce Configuration & Development


I'm Prolay Chaudhury, a Salesforce Lead Solution/Technical Architect, Web development Evangelist with more than fifteen years, and seven months of Information Technology Industry experience. I am a Salesforce Certified Admin, App Builder, Platform Developer I, Platform Developer II, and Sales Cloud Consultant. I have been continuing my journey to becoming Salesforce CTA.

The intention of creating my website and Blog to share my knowledge on different technological stacks. My interests and inquisitiveness traverse from Front-End Development to Back-End Development. I am curious and learning how the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the latest technical innovations are rapidly advancing to make our life much better and adding more values to our day-to-day life. How Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine learning are shaping the future of all the industries; How IoT is helping the service-oriented organizations to provide flawless proactive services.

Moreover, I have been continuing my journey to learn how the Salesforce Cloud Ecosystem and related technologies are helping different industries to thrive their customer satisfaction score CSAT by providing a 360-degree view of the customers.


Salesforce has been Consolidating customer identity, create a secure data hub, and deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences across all your clouds — that's the power of Customer 360 Truth.

Salesforce is assisting the companies in providing innovative services to their customers by giving series of creative business processes automation tools both configurable and customizable for Industry Varicals like Sale, Service, Marketing, Commerce (B2B and B2C), Platform as a Service and many more Cloud Products to reduce the customer's business pains by improving the operational efficiencies of different departments.


Salesforce's innovative Integration solutions (Mulesoft and Platform APIs) are helping these companies in bringing the data together from different departments to serve their customers seamlessly. Salesforce integration solution assisting these companies in integrating data and processes with other cloud products like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and many more and also on-premise applications.


And at the same time, Salesforce is also helping the companies to reduce the total cost of ownership by providing the subscription-based business model for the world's most trusted Public Cloud Platform.

This is my picture. I have taken this picture at TDX 2019 Bangalore Salesforce Conference.



Mr. Prolay Chaudhury

Salesforce Lead Technical Architect