• Prolay Chaudhury

3 Practical Tips for Attracting Investors

Updated: May 13, 2020

Three proven approaches to engaging investors for business funding.

At various stages of your business, you may pitch venture capitalists, family, and friends or other equity investors. There are two components to attracting investors:

  • Get their attention.

  • Motivate them to learn more about you and your business.

These tips from entrepreneurs who have raised funds and built businesses can help you do both.

Be resourceful

You may need to be resourceful to find the right investors.

Every single day, people are putting on a show. To cut through the noise, just be you.
Thomas McGregor, CEO, Central Texas Strings

Be relational

While finding investors for your business is about finances, it’s also about connecting with people who believe in you and your mission.

Be personable, be approachable … be humble

Give honest answers.

Sometimes you’re in an intimidating situation with an investor panel shouting questions at you like an episode of “Shark Tank”, and it’s tempting to give the answer they want to hear instead of the honest answer,” Cera said. “Just be honest.

Build your reputation.

After building a reputation and established business [for Arcweb], we solicited offers for a line of credit from different banks,” explained Cera. “These credit lines can be larger than a seed or A-round investment.

So, as you get your pitch ready, think about who you are and the qualities of your business. Then, when you connect with a potential investor, as McGregor said, “Just be you.”

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