• Prolay Chaudhury

Warren Buffett famous management lessons

Updated: May 13, 2020

If you’re a salesperson, you want people to follow your advice. If you’re a management leader, you want them to follow you in business. Whatever you do, good communication skills are incredibly important and something that almost anybody can improve upon, both in writing and speaking.

The lesson here is that it doesn’t matter what career path you take — whatever you end up doing in life, the basic skill of public speaking is crucial to your success. “In graduate school, you learn all this complicated stuff, but what’s really essential is being able to get others to follow your ideas,” Buffett reminds us.

Buffett credits much of his success to the class, and his office shows more than enough proof. “I don’t have my diploma from the University of Nebraska hanging on my office wall, and I don’t have my diploma from Columbia up there either — but I do have my Dale Carnegie graduation certificate proudly displayed,” he says.

That $100 course gave me the most important degree I have. It’s certainly had the biggest impact in terms of my subsequent success.
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